Andreas Lutz (Germany), ‘Hgdnt’, kinetic audio-visual installation
Ariel Spadari (Brazil) ‘We met in ANTARTIC’, sculpture and drawings
Banrei (USA), ‘Massa notification 2017’, multi-channel audio file, speakers
Bridget Steed (UK), ‘Sur’, rendered 3D reconstruction of iceberg
Jasmin Blasco (France), ‘In From the Cold’, antennae, FM transmitter and receiver
Louise Oates (UK), ‘via self-assembly’, installation
Matilde Solbiati (Italy), ‘The indigenous population of Antarctica’, mixed media
Meadhbh O'Connor (Ireland), ‘Climate Simulator’, single-channel video
Stefan Laxness (Iceland), ‘S4.E3_Prospects_of_Love’, film/animation/TV
Stephanie Roland (Belgium) ‘Deception Island’, video
Sybren Renema (Netherlands), ‘Great God! This is an awful place’, neon
Tomjo Blake (Australia), ‘One Hundred Words for an Empty Vessel’, participatory project
Valentine Siboni (France), ‘Ballad Antarctica: few ways to get there.’, video installation
Winston Chmielinski (USA), ‘Melting As a Model, That’s All’, flags, thread

Abdullah Al Saadi (UAE). ‘Antarctic Alphabets’, Expedition Diaries
Alexander Ponomarev (Russia). 'Alchemy of Antarctic Albedo (Or Washing Pale Moons)'. Underwater installations
Alexis Anastasiou (Brazil). ‘It ́s Cold out There’. Large scale projection
Andrey Kuzkin (Russia). 'The Phenomenon of Nature or 99 Landscapes with a Tree'. Series of performances
Eulalia Valldosera (Spain). ‘Penelope’s voice: communicating with animals’. Audio intervention on the ship that travels to Antarctica
Gustav Dusing (Germany). ‘The solid state of matter’. Tent made of frozen cotton
Joaquin Fargas (Argentina). ‘Glaciator’. Robotic & Solar, mixed techniques
Julian Charriere (France/Switzerland). ‘Silence’, Performance
Juliana Cerqueira Leite (Brazil). ‘Vestibule’. Video Installation
Julius von Bismarck (Germany). 'Space Fish (Raumfisch)'. Performance
Lou Sheppard (Canada). 'Requiem for the Antarctic Coast', Sound installation
Paul Rosero Contreras (Ecuador). 'Arriba!' site-specific intervention, film, photographs
Shama Rahman (Bangladesh/UK). 'Truth be told', Performance with sitar on ice
Sho Hasegawa (Japan). 'Winter Landscape (Antarctica Version)'
Tomas Saraceno (Argentina/Germany). ‘Aerocene’ Performance
Yasuaki Igarashi (Japan). 'Bundling Time', Performance
Yto Barrada (Morocco). ‘Abstract Geology’
Zhang Enli (China). 'Egg’

Adrian Balseca (Ecuador), Cinemateque de Tangiers (Morocco), Constant Dullaart (Netherlands), Eli Maria Lundgaard (Norway), Emile Brout and Maxine Marion (France), Emmy Skensved and Gregoire Blunt (Canada), Etienne de France (France), Eva and Franco Mattes (Italy), Hans Op de Beeck (Belgium), Jessica Sarah Rinland (UK), Julian Charriere (France / Switzerland), Karin Ferrari (Austria), Katya Kovaleva (Russia), Marcel Dinahet (France), Paul Rosero Contreras (Ecuador), Swetlana Heger (Sweden), Young Hae-Chang Heavy Industries (Korea), Yto Barrada (Morocco).

Adrian Dannatt (UK), Alexander Sekatskii (Russia), Barbara Imhof (Austria), Carlo Rizzo (Italy/UK), Elizabeth Barry (USA), Jean de Pomereu (France), Hector Monsalve (Argentina), Lisen Schultz (Sweden), Miguel Petchkovsky (Angola/Portugal), Nicholas Shapiro (USA), Sergey Pisarev (Russia), Susmita Mohanty (India), Wakana Kono (Japan).