Arctic Poppy
Orangery in Antarctica
Alexey Kozyr & Ilya Babak

The project aims to set up an orangery in Antarctica to grow arctic plants that need extra low temperatures for development.

The orangery in Antarctica is to serve as a botanical and medical R&D base and also a recreation zone. In addition to arctic poppy, Antarctic hair grass and inferior plants, formed through symbiosis of fungi and algae, can also be grown. According to scientists, some of the latter have existed for over ten thousand years.

The orangery will be powered by solar and wind-driven stations.

Papaver radicatum
Solar battery for northerners

Arctic poppy has a property that is characteristic of many arctic and mountainous plants. To get as much heat as possible, a flower like that turns after the sun. That is why many of the polar species have solitary flowers with slender flexible stems. Arctic poppy has flowering stems up to 15 cm long. Furthermore, every one of its four petals can move so as to catch the maximum flow of sunrays. On cloudy days the flowers close to retain the heat they strive so hard to obtain.
Arctic Poppy
Orangery in Antarctica


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