7 June – 23 November, 2014
Press view: June 7, 2-4pm
Vernissage: June 7, 6-9pm

Talk Program
7 June, 4pm

Constructing Antarctica
Hugh Broughton
Alexey Kozyr
Yuriy Grigoryan
Carlo Barbante
Daria Parkhomenko
Matteo Bertel

This panel will address the existing state of architecture in the South Polar region while considering the proposals for alternative visions presented in Antarctopia. Why must we reimagine the potential of architecture in Antarctica?

The Antarctic Imaginary
Alex Schweder
Mariele Neudecker
Alexander Ponomarev
Sergei Skuratov
Veech Media Architecture

Can we speak of an Antarctic culture? Is such a project an anathema to ecological thought? How can we, who will never go, partake of an expanded Antarctic imaginary?

Antarctopia Film Program
Marcel Dinahet
Sein- maree montante, 2'36", 2012
Danseurs immobiles, 1'52"

Guido Yannitto
Video performance, 3'52", 2012

Alexander Ponomarev
Mirage Architecture, 9'25", 2007
Baffin Figure, 3'01", 2006
Maya, 14'23", 2000

Paul Rosero Contrera

Magali Daniaux & Cedric Pigot
Devenir Graine
Action in front the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, 12', 2012