Ice: Antarctic Landscape Dissected
Alexandr Zelikin

The present study is artistic rather than scientific. Its subject matter is the aesthetical properties of icebergs and ice associated primarily with their form and also with their changing image and manifestation in the landscape depending on the time of the day.

The focus of research is on three really existing drifting ice-floes. Charts, maps, visualization and drawings illustrate the location of objects, their orthogonal projections (plans and facades) and the degree of their visibility in the morning, in daytime and at night.

Study results have been summed up in a model, an abstract composition of thin metal rods.

One should look for neither “literature” nor subtext in the given project. It is a purely formal exercise, a sort of art for art’s sake.

Architectural Bureau Project_Z: A. Zelikin, A. Kazakova
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Polar Axis, 1987

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Ice: Antarctic Landscape Dissected

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