The Bell
Sound Vessel and Shelter
Yury Grigoryan

The frequencies of the harmonic hum can be heard miles away, breaking the Antarctic silence. Sound tone varies depending on the snow cover level and seasonal atmospheric conditions. Anchored in ice and covered by snow, the bell amplifies the subtle movements of ice beneath, the snow and wind above. The temporary resident could engage in the very act of listening. In the winter, it is destined to be used primarily as a shelter for those in need, while in the summer it offers possibilities not yet imagined.

Uncovered in the summer months, the structure reveals the complete form, resembling a sacred object, a bell, a vessel, weathered and disfigured. Interior space facilitates a residence of infinite musical explorations and an archive of soundscape collection of bell recordings. A destination, an origin of sound, the unconstrained bell expands into the landscape.

Archive of bell recordings is dedicated to all unheard and not found in Antarctica.

Project team: Y. Grigoryan, Uglovskaya, M. Slavnova, D. Apal’kova
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The Bell
Sound Vessel and Shelter

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