Yury Grigoryan

Head of the architectural bureau
The Moscow Architectural Institute
Member of the Union of Moscow Architects from 1994
Teaching in Moscow Architectural Institute from 2006
Teaching in Institute Strelka from 2010
Architectural bureau *Project Meganom* was founded in Moscow in 1999 by architects Yuri Grigorian, Alexandra Pavlova, Ilya Kuleshov and Pavel Ivanchikov.

Through the time span of its work, the bureau participated in dozens of competitions, where the projects proposed were repeatedly marked by the jury. The last one of them was the competition for the design of the development concept of the production zone of AMO ZIL, where the bureau passed to the final stage. Based on proprietary workings of the bureau, as well as on the research, conducted together with the students of Moscow architectural institute and the Insititute of media, architecture and design “Strelka”, the project became the basis of the concept of mastering the production zone, which is under the design stage in the Institute of General layout of Moscow for the present moment.

Project Meganom actively works on arts and exhibition projects, regularly participating in Biennale of architecture in Moscow, twice – in Biennale of architecture in Venice, in many other exhibition projects. Since 2006 Yuri Grigorian and Alexandra Pavlova lecture in Moscow architectural institute. Since 2011 Yuri Grigorian is also the director of educational program in the Insititute of media, architecture and design “Strelka”.